Scott Baio Boycotts Nordstrom After Dropping Trump Line

On February 2, retail chain Nordstrom announced that they would drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, which sparked major controversy to whether the decision was political, based on her father’s presidency. Nordstrom said the choice was based on the performance of the brand.

Actor Scott Baio, a supporter of President Trump, and his family have more than $30,000 last year at Nordstrom, but since the store decided to drop Ms. Trump’s brand, he says he is no longer willing to shop at the retailer. Baio also fired back at liberals who are boycotting stores that sell Trump merchandise.

“They [liberals] have always been hypocrites in my opinion,” he told FOX Business’ After the Bell. “That’s another one of the reasons I won’t shop at that store… They are such an insignificant part of the population, but the news media plays to them, and that is unfortunate."

The former “Charles in Charge” star, who is also known for his role as Chachi in “Happy Days,” said that he is not calling for a boycott and that people should decide for themselves where they want to shop.

“My Twitter is telling me that there is a ton of people who aren’t going to shop there anymore, so I think it’s going to have sort of a double backlash on them…I don’t like people playing politics… if somebody has a good product, you put it out there—you sell it and don’t tell me it’s because sales were down when you won’t release your numbers.”