Scaramucci leak claims a 'whole kerfuffle about nothing,' Karl Rove says

Karl Rove told FOX Business that there is no leaking at all of Anthony Scaramucci’s financial information and it’s easily accessible.

“This is a whole kerfuffle about nothing,” Rove said. “Anthony Scaramucci’s financial disclosure is a public document that has been available for several weeks,” and he added that Reince Priebus’s have also been handy. “It is a public document. The idea that it was ‘leaked’ and that it is a violation for it to be made public- it is a public document available to any American.”

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, on Wednesday evening, tweeted and tagged Reince Priebus, that he planned to notify the FBI and DOJ over his ‘leaked’ financial disclosure . He then deleted the tweet, and issued a second tweet saying perceptions were ‘wrong’ and he wanted to put leakers on notice.

Rove, a former White House Chief of Staff, said finding the disclosure documents takes no effort on the Office of Government Ethics website.

“Hit the tab that says financial disclosure and then go down to the third level that says other public financial disclosure reports certified by OGE. Hit the tab where it says here. It will pull up a page… Enter the filer last name and pick the agency and then fill out form 301 and you too can get a look at the financial disclosure of either Anthony Scaramucci or Reince Priebus and download it if you like.”

Scaramucci on Wednesday told Fox News’ “Hannity” he would take a hard stance against White House leaks.

Rove added he’s never “seen a White House leak as much against itself as this.”