Scaramucci Explains Why Trump is Taking a Fundraising Break

With fewer than two weeks to Election Day, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has halted large fundraising events aimed at raising money for the GOP.

Anthony Scaramucci, host of ‘Wall Street Week’ on the FOX Business Network and a member of the candidate’s National Finance Committee said he just doesn’t think Trump likes fundraisers.

“He likes thanking people, but he doesn’t like asking them for the money. And so that was a bone of contention for all of us working with him. I think it’s a level of his politeness,” Scaramucci told FBN’s Neil Cavuto on Wednesday.

The newest polls show a tightening race between the candidates. In a head-to-head matchup, the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll has Hillary Clinton with a six-point lead over Trump, while the most recent LA Times/USC Tracking poll has the GOP nominee one point ahead of the Democratic nominee.

Scaramucci said although he’s seen polls showing some voters may not turn out on November 8, he and the Trump campaign still have faith in the American people.

“It’s sort of hard to believe that they’re not going to show up on Election Day,” he said. “You play to the last second, and you play until the last out or whatever metaphor you want to use—and so we’ll all know the answer on November 9 and whatever happens, I hope the country can come together because we got a lot of problems that we have to fix.”