Sanders' 2020 campaign faces unfair labor charge, claims it retaliated against union activity

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Bernie Sanders campaign fails to pay field workers $15 an hour

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) discuss a report that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign staffers are not being paid $15 an hour.

Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign is facing unfair labor charges filed by an anonymous individual, who claims to have been retaliated against for organizing the bargaining unit.

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The charge was initially filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) earlier this week.


According a newly released redacted version of the document, first obtained by Bloomberg Law, the individual claims to have been retaliated against for organizing the bargaining unit, while three other workers were allegedly fired for their participation in union-related activities.

A number of other allegations were made, including various purported violations of the collective bargaining agreement. The employee says workers were not even made aware of the CBA upon their hiring, and were made to believe they were “at-will.”

Additionally, the worker claims staffers were not given adequate days off, while being made to work extra days.

The charge, filed against Sanders’ Iowa office, is being investigated by a NLRB board agent.

Bloomberg Law reported on Thursday that the individual was in fact a former staffer of the campaign, citing a campaign official. Labor charges of this type – which allege an organization violated the National Labor Relations Act – can be brought by anybody who fills out the appropriate form.

In a statement to FOX Business, Sanders’ campaign said leadership respects the rights of all of its employees to speak collectively and bargain terms of employment, though it could not discuss specifics related to the NLRB charge.

“We are committed to cooperating with the NLRB and we are confident that they will find the campaign honors all of its employees’ rights to both the letter and spirit of the law,” a campaign spokesperson said. “Sen. Sanders and the campaign believe all workers should have a strong voice on the job and the right to due process, including the right to petition to the NLRB.”


The charge comes as the campaign settled a pay dispute with unionized campaign staffers earlier this week, who had complained they were making – on average – less than $15 per hour. On Tuesday, Sanders said pay would be raised to $42,000 per year, from $36,000, after an agreement was struck between the campaign and unionized employees.

The publicity around these events is particularly notable for Sanders, who has focused his campaign on defending the rights of America’s working class. He is, for example, a staunch supporter of raising the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. He has also advocated for more worker representation on the boards of large corporations – like Walmart.