Sanders Campaign Delegate: We're Going to be United Against Trump

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Sanders campaign delegate: Our voices will be heard

Sanders Campaign Delegate Allen Roskoff on what’s next for Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Despite Hillary Clinton claiming the Democratic nomination for president on Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders is vowing to continue his campaign through the Democratic National Convention.

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The biggest question is: What’s next? Allen Roskoff, a Sanders campaign delegate, joined the FOX Business Network to explain where he sees the campaign heading in the weeks leading to the convention in July.

“We’re promising that our voices are going to be heard,” Roskoff said. “We’re promising that we’re going to do everything we can to bring the Democratic Party back to its progressive roots. We’re going to fight for healthcare—the single-payer healthcare plan—we’re going to fight to end mass incarceration. We want to see to it that the 99% is represented and fought for. We’re going to have to do that by being forceful, by letting our presence be known.”

However, Roskoff said the campaign is “negotiating on issues and positions” with the Clinton campaign.

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“We may walk out with everything we want or the vast majority of the issues that we care about,” he said. “But we’re skeptical that the establishment of the Democratic Party. They’re likely to tell us to take a walk.”

Regardless of the outcome, Roskoff said he knows one thing is for certain:

“No matter how we act out—if we act out—and how demanding we are and how the progressive wing of the Democratic Party takes on the establishment, we’re going to be united against Donald Trump.”

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