San Juan isn’t the only part of Puerto Rico receiving aid: Justo Hernandez

FEMA Deputy Federal Coordinating Officer Justo Hernandez on Thursday said that San Juan isn’t the only part of Puerto Rico that is receiving assistance from FEMA.

“We have over 78 helicopters flying to the center of the island, and we have dropped over 700 drops of commodities to isolated parts of the island. We have all that food that has gone throughout the municipalities. Then we have 74 voluntary agencies active that are working and cooking hot meals for Puerto Ricans all outside of the metro area,” he told FOX Business’ Melissa Francis on “After the Bell.”

During President Trump’s meeting with Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rossello, the president gave his team a perfect rating for its Puerto Rico hurricane response.

Hernandez said that mainland U.S. citizens can help those suffering in Puerto Rico by mailing supplies.

“Right now the post offices are 100% operational. They may not be able to distribute to certain addresses because of the fact that the roads are impassable or the homes are not present. They are actually delivering mail to the post offices most closest to the home,” he said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Puerto Rico is reviewing several allegations of local officials withholding FEMA supplies.

“We have to trust that the local governments are doing the best effort to get food and commodities to everyone in the island. The state is actually taking action and looking at that situation,” Hernandez said.