Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 7 recall crisis


Samsung Electronics Co suspended production of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, a source said on Monday, after reports of fires in replacement devices added to the tech giant's worst ever recall crisis.

The following is a chronology of major developments related to Samsung's recall of the Note 7s since the launch of the smartphones in August.

Oct. 10 - Samsung says it is adjusting Note 7 shipments for inspections, quality control due to more phones catching fire.

Oct. 9 - AT&T, T-Mobile say they have halted issuing new Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to safety concerns.

Oct. 6 - A Southwest Airlines plane in the United States evacuated due to smoke from a Note 7 device on board.

Oct. 1 - Samsung resumes selling new Note 7s in South Korea.

Sep. 29 - Samsung says more than 1 million people globally now using Note 7s with safe battery.

Sept. 25- Samsung delays S.Korea re-start of Note 7 sales by 3 days.

Sept. 22 - South Korea orders extra battery safety measures for Note 7 phones.

Sept. 21- Verizon Communications, Sprint Corp begin taking orders for new Note 7s.

Sept. 19 - Samsung says a Note 7 phone a China user claims caught on fire was caused by external heating.

Sept. 19 - Samsung starts Note 7 exchange program in SouthKorea.

Sept. 16 - Florida man sues Samsung for burns from Note 7 explosion. Samsung says to resume Note 7 sales in South Korea on Sept. 28.

Sept. 15 - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission formally announces recall of about 1 million Note 7 phones.

Sept. 9 - U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission urges Galaxy Note 7 users to stop using their phone.

Sept. 8 - U.S. Federal Aviation Administration advises passengers to not turn on or charge Note 7 smartphones aboard aircraft or stow them in plane cargo.

Sept. 2 - Samsung announces global recall of 2.5 million Note 7 phones, citing faulty batteries.

Sept. 1 - Samsung starts Galaxy Note 7 sales in China.

Aug. 31 - Samsung delays shipments of Note 7s to South Korean carriers.

Aug. 24 - Report of a Note 7 explosion surfaces in South Korea.

Aug. 19 - Samsung starts Galaxy Note 7 sales in 10 markets including United States and South Korea.

Aug. 2 - Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 7 at a New York media event.

(Reporting by Nataly Pak and Se Young Lee; Editing by Miyoung Kim and Muralikumar Anantharaman)