Russian rabbit hole threatens our government's foundation: Kennedy

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Alright, what the hell is going on here? This Russian rabbit hole is turning into a fruitless clustercuss that is threatening the foundations of our government, and now we're at an impasse on a road to nowhere.

You have an incidental volunteer from the Trump campaign, Carter Page, who was too dumb to know he was being gamed by a Russian spy, so he was spied on by the FBI with little to no yield. Then you have a handful of buffoons who were also talking to weasely Russians and they were only charged for lying about being weasel bait.

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What's at the end of this grey rainbow, resentment, distrust, more dysfunction? An impeachment?

With two Hillary Clinton-stalking lovebirds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, trying to shore up her election in the world's least sexy text messages; And a laughably flimsy wiretap application that was granted because of another anti-Trump loon, Christopher Steele, now we're hearing the State Department may have been involved funneling information to Steele to taint Trump and preserve President Obama's legacy. This according to the follicly adventurous Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.).

He's referring to Hillary minion Sidney Blumenthal, whose careless whispers were once hacked by Guccifer, and he was allegedly laundering info through the state department that got to Steele. Who gave him the info, Bruce Ohr whose wife worked at Fusion GPS?

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This all adds up to compromised people doing whatever they could to pass President Obama's bloodline through the sisterhood of the traveling pants suit, by influencing outcomes to preserve their jobs, and get a pat on the head from the empress. They were willing to play outside constitutional bounds in order to keep a lock on power.

Spying and lying is apparently ok if it keeps the establishment fat and happy, law and order be damned. So Hillary lost and botched these best laid plans, so what now, impeach trump? On what grounds, annoying unlikability? The only solution now is publish everything. Every FISA application, every text message, every criminal referral and every ass covering memo that is only designed to mislead and maintain. Put up and shut up, and let us decide once and for all.

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