Russian indictments a blow to impeachment theorists: Kennedy

Well, the results are in and Russians have tested positive for being meddling cheaters. In a disappointing revelation for impeachment fans, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made plain what a baker’s dozen borscht-slurping vodka swillers were doing before the 2016 election.

I guess you can torch those articles of impeachment! Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., lost his mind when he heard that the charges of wire fraud, bank fraud and identity theft not only had nothing to do with the Trump campaign, but that none of the allegations influenced the outcome of the election! Now all Schiff can do is retroactively hang the messiah and blame it all on former President Obama.

If there isn't some big smoking Trump gun, what the hell are we doing wasting our time with a bunch of filthy, corrupt Russians? And now that the intelligence community has made it painfully clear these tinkering naughty knobs are messing around in the midterms already, why are we just sitting around waiting for the fate of Congress to be swayed by a bunch of depressed Baryshnikovs on a stinky, old Siberian bot farm?

Instead of wasting resources spying on the wrong Americans and barking up hollow trees, let’s target them, screw with their elections and show them the proper meaning of the word collusion, meaning Uncle Sam's fist is going to collude with your face, Ivan Drago.

Russians are pathological cheaters: They can't even compete in the Olympics under their own tainted flag! They're so corrupt one of their medal winning curlers was popped for doping.

Russia has done enough harm in our home; now it's time to invite them inside our digital house of pain and show them the damage the American apparatus can do when you mess with the red, white and blue.