Russia, China guilty of US corporate espionage? Not surprising, Sec’y Perry says

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Russia and China are taking advantage of U.S. oil and gas companies when it comes to hydraulic fracturing.

“[It] shouldn’t surprise anybody that there is corporate espionage going on,” Perry said during an exclusive appearance on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings With Maria.

When Perry was asked about frequent FOX Business guest James Freeman’s op-ed  in the Wall Street Journal about a congressional committee investigating alleged Russian efforts to suppress U.S. oil and gas, he said: “When you think about Russia and China a lot of the businesses there have direct links back to their government,” Perry said. “So the idea that there are people trying to manipulate, to put propaganda out on a particular type of fuel, that doesn’t surprise me.”

Perry pointed out that this is one reason why cyber security is so important.

“We need to be sophisticated when it comes to how we deal with Russia, how we deal with China,” he said. “Those are our competitors out there and we know that they may play with a different set of rules and we just need to be smart enough to identify.”