Rudy Giuliani isn’t helping Trump by stirring up controversy: Kennedy

The president is on the precipice of something phenomenal with North Korea, and if he can pull off a Singapore hustle and get man baby Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear Legos, it will be the feat of a generation.

Not since Reagan thawed the icicles from Gorbachev's cold heart have we seen a foreign policy move so bold, and the president's team has to be mindful, self-aware and laser focused to pull it off.

Unfortunately Rudy Giuliani is off his rocker. The once great New York City mayor appears to have lost the memo or lost his mind.

Although the visual is as intriguing as it is kinky, it's the kind of unnecessary bluster that complicates an already difficult process. If this weren't enough of a head shaker, Giuliani talked about Stormy Daniels.

Giuliani disrespecting her for wiggling her jubblies and servicing turgid pros is not a defense, and again it complicates an already messy matter.

Rudy's heart is in the right place, but his foot is lodged in his mouth and his head up his rear. If he wants to help the Mueller case, the Stormy Daniels suit and for God's sake North Korea, then he needs to button up his caustic lips before it causes the peace train to derail before it leaves the station.