Ron Paul: We Should ‘Mind Our Business’ in Middle East

When it comes to the European migrant crisis, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul says: “we should have done a lot less a long time ago.”

During an interview with FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne Paul argued that the U.S. policy is to blame for the “utter mess.”

“It’s interventionism of Republicans and Democrats and neo-conservatives that we have to re-make the Middle East -- and we certainly did since 9-11---we have re-made the Middle East, but I see no positives. We have created ISIS and Al Qaeda -- we’ve [supported] them. I mean it’s an utter mess no wonder there [are] migrations,” he said.

Paul argued the U.S. should step back from its role as the world’s policeman in the Middle East.

“I think the more we are involved the more chaos there is. [There have] been periods of time in the history of that area where Christians and Jews and Muslims lived peacefully together. It’s when outsiders come in and when there is a crusade from the Europeans and the Americans that come in and take over,” he said.