Ron Paul calls steel import tariff 'immoral'

By Alex SwisherPoliticsFOXBusiness

EU may set a tariff on U.S. bourbon, if Trump tariffs steel

Former presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul on the European Union possibly tariffing U.S. bourbon if President Trump puts an import tariff on foreign steel.

Former Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) said President Trump’s proposed import tariff on foreign steel is simply “immoral”.

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“It should be immoral to prohibit people from buying stuff where they want to. In a free society, you’re supposed to protect that not interfere with that,” Paul told FOX Business’ Kennedy.

The European Union (EU) has threatened to retaliate the Trump administration’s proposed import tariff on foreign steel, by creating an import tariff for bourbon.

“There’s a downside, there [are] repercussions from [imposing tariffs] and they retaliate and put taxes and prohibitions on our products, which is what they’re hinting at right now,” he said.

However Paul believes the solution does not need to come from managed trade agreements.

“The bilateral agreements make more sense…if we would have an agreement on lumbers, say with Canada, and nobody else is interfering, it should be worked out and maybe there would be a time where you really would have free trade across the borders that touch your country,” he said.