Republicans see immigrants as criminals, Democrats see them as victims: Kennedy

There are dueling walls holding up the congressional spending deal. The president wants a physical barrier to visually symbolize his immigration views while fulfilling a campaign promise, while Democrats want to use “dreamers” as human bricks to build a wall of resistance against the president's fortress.

New York blowhard Chuck Schumer has blasted the president for his immigration tactics, promising people who were brought to this country illegally as kids wouldn't be used as bargaining chips. But until the president satisfactorily deals with DACA, Democrats are going to withhold spending votes. Dreamers are looking pretty chippy to me, Chuck.

The problem with immigration is no one wants to look at it logically. Republicans view immigrants as criminals, Democrats see them as victims. When you throw hyperbole and a deadline into something so divisive, you're bound to end up with horrible policy, which is exactly where we are heading.

The president rounded up potential allies from both parties for a game of duck-duck-goose to see if donkey arms can be twisted and cajoled into voting for some sort of purple plan.

Fat chance. With both sides dug in and the president ready to dig a shovel into the southern border, the best we can hope for is another continuing resolution as Congress continues to drag their heels in contentious standoff, resolving to do nothing, once again, on immigration.