Republicans rake in $15 million of donations over Trump impeachment threat

In the few days since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, Republicans have capitalized on conservative outrage, pulling in millions of dollars in donations.

As of Friday, Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign received $15 million in small donations, including 50,000 from new donors, according to a tweet from Eric Trump.

“Unbelievable numbers!!” he tweeted. “Keep it going — you and the dems are handing @realDonaldTrump the win in 2020!”

Pelosi announced on Tuesday the House would launch a formal impeachment inquiry against the president, accusing him of betraying the oath of office by pressuring Ukraine to open an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden, a frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, and his son.

Trump has maintained that he acted appropriately.

Twenty-four hours later, Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee raked in a combined $5 million, according to Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, meanwhile, said its online fundraising was up 608 percent Friday.

State-level Republican groups are also fundraising off of Democrats’ efforts to impeach Trump, with the Nevada Republican Party selling a shirt that says “Impeach This,” over an image of the 2016 election map.

Of course, Democrats are also turning impeachment into a chance to raise money: ActBlue, the company that processes a majority of Democratic online donations, said it brought in $4.6 million in donations on Tuesday -- one of its largest fundraising days not tied to a Democratic debate or monthly deadline.