Republican Senators are threatening to tank tax reform: Kennedy

A handful of Republican Senators are threatening to tank tax reform, as gripes from all sides show the party is split like a pair of dance pants.

Taxes should be a sure thing. But Republicans are about to get turned down at a free buffet because they don't share the proper vision of limiting government and growing the economy.

Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, famous for their recent feuds with the president in light of their mutual lame duck-dom, are worried the tax cuts add to the deficit. It's not the taxes, it's the spending, you knobs! Their hearts are in the right place, but their brains are frozen because their genius plan for stalled revenue is including a dumb "backstop" that re-raises taxes if the benjamins don't start flooding into the IRS.

How about this backstop: maybe instead of relying on more money to fund your spending addiction, cut entitlements, defense and every other bloated, bureaucratic program that deserves a good tussle with a rational weed wacker!

Don't get me started on that statist Susan Collins, who's about as Republican as Chelsea Clinton. She's worried cutting the individual mandate will raise health care premiums, because people who don't want insurance aren't forced to pay for everyone else's. She also wants to prop up greedy insurance companies with immoral subsidies, and she's complaining the corporate tax rate is too low and the top individual rate isn't high enough.

These people don't belong to the same party, but this two-party cartel tribalism forces nominal Republicans who are actual communists to comingle at the same trough as people like Mike Lee and Rand Paul who stand for vastly different things. Like making the country better by making the government smaller.

If there's no hope on taxes, there's no hope for anything. Once again these federal stewards prove how useless and overwrought their charge really is, and have proven once again that repeated government failure is more than enough reason to pare it down once and for all.