Rep. Wilson made a bigger name for herself at the expense of a dead soldier: Kennedy

This condolence-call crisis is still going, and not only is everyone wrong, we are still asking all the wrong questions. Instead of wondering why we are in these undulating unearthly carbuncles, we are hyper focused on unprovable details, name calling and questionable headwear.

Chief of Staff John Kelly gave such a moving, personal explanation of his own experience and grief as a Gold Star family member.Having lost his son in Afghanistan and sending countless men and women into combat, he knows all too well the reality of the calls the president has to make to those grieving families.

He coached the president with the right message, but the messenger ham fistedly got it lost in translation. So here we are on day five still talking about Twitter nicknames and hurling claims of racism like Mazeltov cocktails. L'chaim.

General Kelly should've stopped with his explanation about his experience and how that informed the president. He didn't have to go into any score settling with congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

She may be a wacky empty barrel, but she was already doing enough damage to herself by professionally profiting off the loss of one of her constituents. Her self-aggrandizing displays were enough, and people got the message it was not about grief or recorrection of a presidential misstep, it was about her becoming a “rockstar.” Gross. What a selfish, horrible thing to do: when you fail to dazzle with policy, make a bigger name for yourself at the expense of a dead soldier. When that fails, call 'em racist.

Kelly should've never brought up the FBI building he claims Wilson took credit for because it diminishes his career defining moment. Wilson needs to go away and rethink her accessories, and the president needs to never make one of these calls again.

Either an embrace to a grieving family or a beautifully worded letter will suffice from now on, because these calls are becoming hot potatoes when what we really need are cold, hard facts and answers to the questions that have been tragically ignored.