Rep. Marsha Blackburn Keeps Heat on Hillary

Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) had nothing but praise for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when she joined

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“I like the fact that he is a leader, he is decisive, he is a curious person,” she said. “He knows how to build a team most importantly and that’s what the American people want-- somebody who’s a team builder, can bring us all together and unite us around a cause.”

For Blackburn, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is not a team builder. For over a year, Blackburn has been questioning the how the Clinton Foundation operates. She started with the IRS and followed up the Federal Trade Commission. "We sent a letter after the first of the year to the FTC asking about the charity [Clinton Foundation] and whether it was a scam charity," she alleges that the Clinton Foundation gives about 15% of its donations to its missions far below the 50%-75%, other charities commit. "Interestingly enough what we heard back from them (FTC) was it was not a sham charity," she added while noting that some charities have been shut down for giving less than 50%. 

Blackburn is set to speak about unity and vision in her speech at the Republican National Convention on Thursday night. She said she also hopes to emphasize the Party’s focus on restoring opportunity in America.

“We’re not the Grand Old Party, but the Great Opportunity Party,” she said. “That’s the message we want to get across.”

Blackburn said she also believes Trump and his vice presidential pick, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, are a match made in political heaven.

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“He needs to listen, and I think Mike Pence is going to be a great balance for that,” she added. “He’ll bring a different perspective and that’s going to be a very good thing.”

Blackburn said she hopes Trump resonates with the American people as much as he has with her.

“He is a wonderful man, wonderful leader,” she said. “He’s going to bring a great skill set to solve the problems that the nation faces.”