Rep. MacArthur: I will support the House GOP tax plan


Rep. MacArthur: Tax plan offers a huge win to middle class

New Jersey congressman reacts to the vice president's comments on tax reform on 'Sunday Morning Futures.'

Rep. Tom MacArthur on Sunday said he would vote “yes” to the latest House Republican tax reform plan, despite previously being on the fence about the legislation.

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“I spent the last three days actually looking at this $10,000 cap on property taxes and I came to the only conclusion I think anyone who really looks at it can come too to, and that is that we just got a huge win for middle class taxpayers even in high-tax states like mine,” MacArthur told Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

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MacArthur, a New Jersey Republican, said a $10,000 property tax cap “covers the vast majority of people” in the state and in his congressional district.

Previously, MacArthur was one of more than a dozen Republican lawmakers to vote “no” on the 2018 budget blueprint.

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