Rep. King on the UN: It’s a Forum for Anti-Americanism

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Rep. King: UN is dominated by anti-western countries

Rep. Peter King, (R-NY), on President Obama's handling of the resolution on Israel, the future of the UN and the allegations that Russia hacked the U.S. presidential election.

As the controversy mounts over the Obama administration’s abstention on the U.N. vote to condemn Israel’s settlements on the West Bank, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) weighed in on the potential fallout for U.S. relations with Israel and the future of the United Nations.

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When asked whether Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a right to criticize the Obama administration over the U.N. resolution, King responded,  “Yes, he really does. And I’m always reluctant to criticize the president of my own country, but on this issue I believe the Israelis are clearly right and the United States is wrong.”

King continued, “If anything, this looks as if it is payback by President Obama to Prime Minister Netanyahu for the speech he gave in the Congress against the Iran deal.”

King then raised concerns over the legitimacy of the United Nations.

“At best it’s a debating society, it’s dominated by anti-Western countries. It’s basically just a forum, in many cases, for anti-Americanism, anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, anti-West.”

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As Trump’s inauguration approaches, King hopes the Obama administration will not do anything else to harm Israel’s future or its relationship with the U.S.

“I would wish that they would do the right thing here and allow the Trump administration to take over on January 20, rather than just tying the hands of the Israelis as they’re going out the door, which is I’m afraid what John Kerry might be planning on doing today.”

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