Reince Priebus fielding million dollar job offers post White House Scaramucci battle

As his old nemesis Anthony Scaramucci appears on tabloid TV and possibly contemplates a presidential run, former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus has big job plans of his own, including employment opportunities at several Washington D.C. law firms where he could earn millions of dollars a year in salary, FOX Business has learned.

Priebus is fielding numerous corporate and legal job offers, including one to run the Washington D.C. office of the law firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP, where he worked before he ran the Republican National Committee, according to people with direct knowledge of the matter. Priebus, a former partner at the firm, specialized in corporate law and litigation.

Priebus had an annual salary of $179,700 as chief of staff, but at least four major law firms are interested in hiring Priebus and at least one of the jobs is said to offer a salary of $2 million and above. He has also been offered position on corporate boards and will likely to make a decision in mid-October, these people add.

Priebus declined to comment; a spokesman for Michael Best & Friedrich didn’t return a telephone call for comment.

“He’s fielding a lot of calls” for jobs, said a GOP insider with direct knowledge of Priebus’ job plans. Preibus, this person said, is following some advice he received from a fellow GOP operative after leaving the administration: “Don’t move too quickly, think and sit quietly.”

Priebus has kept a low profile since leaving the Trump administration after a contentious seven-month tenure where President Donald Trump allowed other administration officials to bypass his authority as chief of staff. Trump also openly questioned his job performance with various people inside and outside the White House, further weakening Priebus’ authority.

Priebus’ troubles came to a head in late July when over his objections, Trump appointed Scaramucci—a long time Wall Street executive and former host of ‘Wall Street Week’ on FOX Business—as head of the White House communications department, despite have little if any experience in the area.

Amid a bitter internal feud with Scaramucci, who accused him of leaking information to reporters—Priebus was ousted as chief of staff and replaced by General John F. Kelly. Scaramucci also got caught up in the White House contretemps and lasted just 11 days in his position. He was also ousted by Kelly just three days after Priebus was removed after giving an expletive-filled interview to a magazine reporter.

Neither Scaramucci nor his spokesman responded to emails for comment.

Before joining the administration, Scaramucci sold his money management firm Skybridge Capital to Chinese conglomerate HNA Capital, in a deal currently awaiting regulatory approval. Meanwhile, he has publicly stated that he plans to start new business ventures, has appeared on late-night television shows in addition to guesting hosting on Monday’s TMZ on TV, a celebrity news and gossip show. According to a report in BuzzFeed, Scaramucci has also contemplated running for New York State governor, and President of the United States.

Priebus, meanwhile, has largely kept out of the public spotlight as he contemplates his future. Under one of Trump’s executive orders, administration who go into the private sector must abide by a five-year ban on lobbying for U.S. companies, and a lifetime ban on lobbying on behalf of foreign companies.

That said, given his genial manner, long experience in GOP politics and knowledge of the Trump White House, Priebus is said to be a valuable addition to a major law firm and its corporate clientele. And his strong job prospects also indicate that his personal brand wasn’t damaged by the tumult of the first year of the Trump Administration, including record low approval rating, said long-time Democratic political consultant Hank Sheinkopf.

“Priebus is unique because he had a standing in the Washington permanent government community beforehand,” Sheinkopf said. “Others may be different but for him clearly he’s not damaged by the experience.”