Rebranding the Republican Party in Trump's image

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Republicans getting a Trump rebranding: Gov. Scott

Governor Rick Scott (R-Fla.) on President Trump’s role in the Georgia election and whether his message is sinking in with the GOP.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says he hopes to rebrand the Republican Party in the mold of President Donald Trump.

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“We got to talk how Americans talk, they’re not talking about liberal versus conservative, they’re talking about ‘I want an open government, not a closed government, I want choices, I want choices in my education, I want choices in my health care,’ that’s how Trump talked,” Scott told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

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Scott, chair of a PAC called the New Republican, is working to align the GOP with Trump's style and policy, and Scott pointed to the president's action on Cuba as an example.

“I was just with him down in Miami, we talked about his Cuba policy.  I’ve been working with him during the election and afterwards to make sure we do the right thing, we take care, we focus on the Cuban people, not what Obama did, he focused on the Cuban regime.”

Scott conceded that the pressure is on Congressional Republicans to enact the policies Trump ran on, including health care and tax reform. “I would say if you ran on something why would… you expect to get re-elected if you don’t do it.”

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