Ralph Nader: Trump Is a Nightmare for the Republican Party

Four-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader is “delighted” with Donald Trump’s refusal to rule out an independent run for the presidency.

In an interview with FOX Business Network’s Deirdre Bolton, Nader said “the two party tyranny that blocks voter choices and dominates the political scene on behalf of big business needs to be broken up, and Trump is the one to do it.”

While the LA Times called Trump the “right-wing Nader,” he sees differences in their strategies.

“I don’t think you can categorize him that easily… For example, he is with the progressives on challenging the regulatory trade agreement,” Nader said. “He also says something no businessman has ever said before in my opinion when he was challenged about why his companies go into bankruptcy. He said … ‘I go into bankruptcy … as a business advantage.’ Exactly what we’ve been saying about the corporate bankruptcy laws.”

Nader believes Trump’s boldness is a “nightmare” for the Republican Party.

“By being brazen, Trump is punctuating the progressive agenda -- the progressive critique of big business, Wall Street over Main Street… I’ve always said the only people who can break up a two party tyranny that stifles the voices of small parties and independent candidates are billionaires, and we’ve got one called Trump,” he said.