Ralph Nader: The Electoral College is on its Way Out

At least 58 Democratic members of Congress plan to skip President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday, with Rep. John Lewis leading the charge.

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The civil rights icon said in an interview that he didn’t view Trump as “a legitimate president” and would not attend the inauguration.

Four-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader told FOX Business Network’s Trish Regan it’s Congressman Lewis’ choice whether to attend Friday’s inauguration.

“There are a lot of shenanigans in elections on both sides. He’s free to make up his own mind whether he wants to show up or not. What’s the big deal?” Nader asked.

As first reported on FOX Business Network’s The Intelligence Report, Congressman Lewis has seemed to develop a habit of questioning the legitimacy of Republican presidents.

According to a January 2001 Washington Post article, Lewis and other members of the Black Caucus boycotted the inauguration of George W. Bush because they didn’t believe Bush was “the true elected president.”

“In 2000, you know the Florida recount ordered by the Florida Supreme Court was usurp by a 5-4 decision by Antonin Scalia you know you can say that’s pretty bad practice like a judicial coup-d’état that selected George W. Bush,” Nader said.

The former Green Party presidential candidate said there’s a “double result” in our presidential elections, and thinks the Electoral College must be removed from the electoral process.

“There’s an interstate compact…where California, New York, Maryland, Illinois and others have passed laws saying that they will throw the Electoral College votes to anyone who wins the nationwide presidential popular vote,” he said.

The “Breaking Through Power” author thinks electoral law should encourage presidential candidates to campaign in all states in order to avoid gaming the system. He is an advocate for the Electoral College being replaced by the popular vote.

“The Electoral College is on the way out. Mark my words,” Nader said.