Navarro's push for ‘FBI informant' 'not odd’ during transition: Axios

Axios editor in chief, Nick Johnston, on Tuesday told FOX Business, it wouldn’t be unusual for Trump’s top trade advisor, Peter Navarro, to recommend the appointment of someone to the administration.

“That’s not terribly odd [to have that happen] during a transition,” Johnston told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.” “There are scores of resumes that are forwarded along.”

Peter Navarro, who is reportedly feuding with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over trade talks, allegedly suggested that the suspected FBI informant on the Trump campaign be recommended for a senior role in the administration, Axios reported on Monday.

Johnston said it’s important to know how involved the FBI and informant was within the campaign.

“Donald Trump takes this very personally, he’s watching very closely,” Johnston said. “And I think what we learned yesterday about this informant possibly being in the administration just sort of elevates it in his mind to see how close the FBI was following the campaign.”