Pundits assume Kavanaugh is guilty, and that's a slippery slope for our nation: Trish Regan

You know, it is a sad day when we lose our way, like I believe we're losing right now, as a country.

Because, last time I checked, you were innocent until proven guilty. You now have someone making allegations and a whole host of people all over cable television including many members of Congress saying, well, Brett Kavanaugh is guilty. They're just automatically assuming that he's guilty. They are automatically putting blame on him.


In a fair world, shouldn't both sides be heard? How can someone come up with these allegations three-plus decades later? Where you can't remember who was there, other people were asked if they were there, they say they weren't there. They don't remember any of this.

All of a sudden, someone who worked his entire career could have it derailed. Couldn't get the job he had been working for his whole life because allegations, allegations that are what? Are we living back in the Salem witch trial days? You throw out the allegations and see what sticks? This is someone's life.

I read what she said happened. No woman should ever have to experience anything like that. I'm a mother of a son and two daughters. I never want to see any of my children go through anything like that, certainly not my girls, certainly not my son. Don't forget, as far as women go, we are married to men. We have sons, we have fathers. And there's a danger here that if we're suddenly in a world where it is automatically assumed that she's right and he's wrong, then you're losing half your population. This is not who we are. It's a very slippery slope.

I hope to God it is not all political, but I suspect it is.