Pulling out of Syria sets a bad example: Kennedy

The President provides an ungodly amount of grist for the media mill, but plenty of people are still scratching their heads over President Trump's Obamaesque decision to pull out of Syria at Turkey's behest.

Turkey is a lovely, historically rich place with interesting people who live in fear of a tyrant who's sucking up power like so much cocaine up Floridian nostrils.

President Trump despises fake news so he chides journalists on Twitter. President Erdogan sees "fake news" and throws hundreds of thousands of journalists, teachers, judges and civil servants in prison. And that's just the ones we know about, though you can be sure some have been dispatched with such gruesome force they make Jamal Kashoggi's murder seem amateurish. So why are we letting this guy call our foreign policy shots, particularly in a fluid and fragile conflict like Syria?

Obviously we never should've been there in the first place, as there is no dog in the hunt or ultimate goal other than to decimate Isis which arguably sprung from the same kind of vacuum in Iraq that we've just exacerbated in Syria.

Russia and Turkey are applauding our pullout like a commitment-phobic cad after a drunken romp. These duplicitous actors are being placated and appeased, while the freedom-seeking Kurds - who have been by our side through torrential, unforced quargmires - are left sinking in authoritarian quicksand.

If we are going to do anything in the Middle East, it should be with the advice and interest of our allies, which over in that crap basket are few and far between. The Kurds, Israel and Jordan come to mind.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Russia do not.

Turkey can't even bring itself to label the slaughter of 1.5 million innocent Armenians a "genocide", and if they are that heartless and semantically stupid perhaps they have no place at the table when it comes to the U.S. serving up justice.

We have no business building nations, and even less listening to nations led by murderous dictators who could care less about basic freedoms.