Presidential candidate vows to abolish federal government on day 1, then resign

Smaller government is one of the leading ideas of the Libertarian Party, but one 2020 presidential candidate is taking the principal one step further. He says that if he wins, on his first day in office, he would abolish the federal government and then resign.

“America is too good for this government,” said Libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh to Judge Andrew Napolitano during an appearance on FOX Business’ “Kennedy” on Monday. “It’s time for us to be united in freedom instead of government.”

However Kokesh's platform is actually a “little more complicated” than getting rid of it on day 1, he said.

“My proposal is the localization of government,” he said.  “Dissolving it through a bankruptcy process in a peaceful orderly manner that would leave us with 50 independent states and of course up to 562 sovereign native nations.”

Although there would be a struggle with ballot access, Kokesh believes his “fundamentally different approach to freedom” would be popular.


“Instead of saying let’s have a president who gives freedom to the entire country, to say let’s instead localize government so everybody gets what they want out of it. And that is really unifying people,” he said adding that “localization is the cure for polarization.”