Pork barrel spending cost taxpayers $6.8B in fiscal 2017, Pig Book finds

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Pork barrel spending in Congress on special projects cost taxpayers $6.8 billion in fiscal 2017, according to the latest edition of Citizens Against Government Waste’s “Pig Book” unveiled Wednesday.

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This year’s “Pig Book” identifies 163 “earmarks,” or additions to appropriations bills to fund local projects in a legislator’s home territory. That total marks a 32.5% increase from fiscal 2016. The $6.8 billion price tag attached to the pet projects jumped 33.3% compared to the same period.

“The 2017 Congressional Pig Book reveals the sullied underbelly of the Washington swamp,” CAGW President Tom Schatz said in a statement. “Even worse, some members of Congress are trying to return the wasteful and corrupt system to prominence even after taxpayers delivered a ‘drain the swamp’ message to DC less than one year ago. The only way to clean up Washington is to do the opposite: adopt a permanent ban on pork-barrel earmarks.”

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