Politics is everywhere and I don’t think America likes it: Varney

Everything is political these days. And I don't think America likes it.

Look at this. A Gallup poll.

Are you a fan of pro-football? Five years ago, 67% said yes. This year, only 57% said yes. Why the drop? Bad publicity over concussions and players involved in domestic violence were factors, but the biggest reason is surely the anthem protests. Players bringing politics to sport. Significantly, support for politics-free college football has gone up!

My opinion: you are great players. Stick to playing. Keep politics out.

Now look at this: Stephen Colbert hosting the Emmys. What was supposed to be a celebration of TV talent, became an anti-Trump festival. Pure politics—he was trying to show the moral superiority of Hollywood. It received the lowest ever TV rating.

The Golden Globes—brilliant actor Meryl Streep, proclaiming Harvey Weinstein a god. Oh dear.

How many times have we had to sit through political lectures from actors? Had enough? All those people who kept quiet about Weinstein have no right to preach morality.

My opinion: Actors, act. Turn me on with your talent. Don't turn me off with your holier-than-thou politics.