Politics is an ugly business these days: Varney

The Democrats were sure that Hillary would win. But she lost, and some of the things that were never supposed to see the light of day, are now seeing the light of day.

An FBI informant, Douglas Campbell, told three congressional committees the Russians paid $3 million to influence Hillary Clinton on the uranium deal. This is the alleged chain: Russian money goes to an American lobbying firm, which provides help to the Clinton Foundation, which pushes the uranium deal, which is then signed and gives Russia 20% of America's uranium. This broke overnight. Hillary Clinton says it’s a "distraction.”

There is a separate development in the scandal at the FBI. Former President Obama's name has now been brought into it. Before the election, the former president told Fox categorically, that he had not talked to the FBI or the Justice Department about any investigation. But now another text has emerged from the FBI's Lisa Page: "POTUS wants to know everything we're doing.”

That’s the President of the United States wants to know everything we're doing. That would be President Obama.

A year ago, if Hillary had won, it would have been all about Trump and Russia, and you wouldn't have heard a word about the Clinton Foundation or the FBI.

But she lost. And yes, a year ago, it was still all about Trump and Russia. But now, it’s Hillary and the Russians, and President Obama and the FBI.

Politics really is an ugly business these days.