Politicians should be concerned about government snooping, not just Facebook: Kennedy

Facebook is not a monopoly: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy discusses Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony on Capitol Hill.

Today's Senate hearing starring Mark Zuckerberg may have you asking, "What the Zuck is going on here?" The $66 billion boy took plenty of soft shrapnel from stern senators who sounded like out of touch grandparents who wanted to look busy.

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Zuck was also asked by pearl-clutching lawmakers about privacy concerns.

You buffoons are really concerned about privacy, now?! After sending the bloated surveillance state to the authoritarian buffet by further codifying mass spying, it is laughable this group of ostriches is concerned about the terms of service of a social network. If only we could opt out of warrantless NSA snooping, but alas, all we can do is frog march a scapegoat for a mostly pointless exercise.

Many of these Senate carnival barkers are going easy on Zuckerberg because they're hoping he'll remember their lenience and offer a re-election handout.

Facebook is not perfect, but it's also not a monopoly. The worry is not what this digital giant does without regulation, it's what happens when it joins forces with the government to create a spying apparatus that will sense your bad thoughts long before they become dirty deeds.

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