Politicians describing a FISA application is like someone describing a naughty movie: Kennedy

Well, we have some memos and more predictable political infighting, and we know the process for obtaining wiretaps is more secretive than Colonel Sanders special sauce, but one thing we've never seen is the inside of a FISA application. Thanks to appeals from both parties and some news organizations, that may finally change.

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Political hacks describing the inside of a FISA application for their own gain is so unsatisfying. It's like having someone *describe* the juicy scenes of a naughty movie. It doesn't quite have the same effect. What's really pornographic is not only the lack of secrecy, but the reality those warrant applications are rubber stamped by randomly appointed judges with no oversight who approve 99% of them which then, to put salt on an opaque wound, also receive no oversight.

It doesn't matter who scores points in this useless back and forth between House Intelligence Committee members, we all lose when the constitution becomes a mere suggestion and power can be abused so brazenly only to be rewarded with more power and less pushback.

Let's put politics aside so we can put the process under the spotlight and bring a little heat to this rights-stomping rubber stamp factory that is proving to be so problematic and laughably unsafe.