Pence: Huawei operating as a 5G network is a ‘fundamental compromise’ of national security

China telecom giant Huawei has ordered employees to cancel all technical meetings and extradite Americans working at its Shenzhen headquarters, the Financial Times reports. Vice President Mike Pence told FOX Business exclusively that Huawei is a national security issue.

“Huawei is, in effect, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party.  And to have Huawei operating as a 5G network in our country or in our allies’ countries, we believe, represents a fundamental compromise of our national security and the privacy of millions of citizens,” Pence said to Maria Bartiromo  on Thursday.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told FOX Business in February that Huawei threatens the ability for European countries to work alongside the U.S. Pence said the administration would continue to convey that message to Canada and allies “all over the Western world” while continuing to “promote alternatives for 5G networks.”

“This is the most dynamic, innovative economy in the history of the world.  We know we can meet that global need for 5G with enterprises that respect our values, respect privacy and individual rights, intellectual property, and preserves our national security.  And we’ll continue to drive that,” Pence added.


Bartiromo also asked Pence whether he has gotten a response from China after what he described as the “wrongful detention” of two Canadian citizens in the wake of the controversial arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou.

“China knows where we stand,” he said, adding that the “United States is going to stand with Canada until those Canadians are free and hopefully back home.”