Pelosi on thin ice after centrist Conor Lamb’s Pennsylvania victory: Kennedy

Democrats smell blood in the water after Conor Lamb's surprise victory in the Pennsylvania special election, and it's not Republican blood. It's Nancy Pelosi's.

Pelosi was the differentiating factor for the centrist Marine, not because she flew out to steel country to lend a swampy hand, but because Lamb actively campaigned against her knowing it would resonate with voters who elected Donald Trump 16 months ago. If Pennsylvania was a bellwether, Republicans are in deep yogurt and Dems could take back the House, possibly putting leader Pelosi back up on her perch.

That's not sitting well with members of the party who are demanding vision, coherence and youth. Nancy Pelosi and her whipping boy Steny Hoyer, who make up the higher reaches of Democratic House leadership, have a combined age that is far higher than my best bowling score, or Donald Trump's genius I.Q.

Nancy has been stumbling and fumbling through press conferences lately, forgetting names, making up weird stories about her grandchild, and don't forget the condescending "crumbs" comment.

Conor Lamb and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan aren't the only ones who want to push Nancy off the leadership ledge, curious housemates from Filemon Vela to Seth Moulton have taken note of Lamb's success and have made no bones about disposing of Nancy's political corpse months before the midterms.

Pelosi is a gift to Republicans who gleefully point to her wacky, statist limousine liberalism as out-of-touch power mongering that represents the worst in Washington. At this point, they are the only ones who want to maintain her status quo, while vocal and foaming Democrats hell bent on continuing the winning streak want to give leader Pelosi and her tired "me first" agenda the permanent heave ho.