Pelosi is right, trying to impeach Trump would be a gift to GOP: Kennedy

Nancy Pelosi’s days may be numbered! Well sure the ol' mare is getting on in years, but I’m not talking about her inevitable perma-nap you sicko. Nancy may find herself on the losing end of the speakership because she's not being hard enough on the president!

Fanciful Nancy has recently waxed that impeaching Mr. Trump would be a gift to Republicans, a massive gaffe that would unite the right for all the wrong reasons. And she is absolutely correct.

Like infrastructure spending and pork, both sides love impeachment. It's like an energy-filled wave they can't wait to harness. Republicans want to flirt with disaster on a ridable giant, but Democrats could get crushed by a tsunami of their own making.

The Pelosian pickle stems from some ferociously vocal Democrats like Texas Rep. Al Green whose impeachment polka is on repeat. He and Maxine Waters are the underwhelming wondertwins who couldn't spot an actual reason for impeachment if it bit them on the backside.

It's also true Nancy's desire to freeze out the far left, and her waning capital with freshman go-getters, means even if Democrats narrowly take back the house Nancy will not feel that warm wooden gavel in her icy death grasp. Nancy, you're damned if you do and you're damned if you step in doo doo.

The only way impeachment succeeds is if Republicans use it as a fear factor to rally the angry base against lazy Dems who are still sore queen Hillary got shoveled off the throne.