Pakistan could face additional scrutiny with Trump's Afghanistan plan, says Gen. Jack Keane

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New US strategy on Afghanistan puts pressure on Pakistan

Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.), Fox News military analyst, on President Trump's strategy for Afghanistan.

The new U.S. strategy in Afghanistan, announced late Monday evening by President Donald Trump, could put additional pressure on Pakistan to end its support and harboring of terrorist organizations, said Gen. Jack Keane.

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“This has been outrageous behavior for 16 years,” Keane told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on ‘Mornings with Maria’. “Presidents have tried to call it out and do something about it. I think this is the first one that’s actually going to achieve that end.”

And by making Pakistan a focal point in the U.S.’s South Asia strategy, Keane said Trump has an opportunity to convince Pakistanis to end their support of the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

“The other thing that the Pakistanis are going to note here is the different level of commitment and the will that the president has expressed in his determination,” Keane said.

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In his address before a group of U.S. service members at Fort Myer in Arlington, Va., President Trump disavowed Pakistan’s role as a safe haven, threatening that the country “has much to lose” if it continues to harbor terrorists.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis is in Baghdad this morning to begin implementing the new strategy, which Fox News reported will entail sending an additional 4,000 troops to Afghanistan, on top of the 8,400 troops already there.

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