Oprah vs. Trump would be a huge win for the media: Varney

The moment she made that speech at the Golden Globes Awards, the Democrat base lit up: "Oprah for president. Oprah 2020! Oh yes, please.”

Let’s call it hope, and desperation.

It is the Democrat’s great hope: A viable candidate to take on Donald Trump. Oprah has name recognition -- very important. She knows business. She's made a billion dollars. She reaches across racial lines, and she's a great communicator. That’s a huge plus when you know how to use television.

But there's desperation too. Simply put, the Democrats do not have a strong bench. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders? Both in their late 70's. And, is America really ready for a socialist?

Senator Elizabeth Warren? Is America ready for a northeastern socialist, with a history of falsely playing the race card?

Senators Kamala Harris and Corey Booker? Virtual unknowns with very little experience.

Don't even think about Hillary Clinton -- she's done.

Now, if Oprah runs, there is the problem of policy. When Donald Trump rode down the golden escalator to announce his candidacy, he immediately laid out a specific plan. Build a wall, cut taxes, grow the economy. What would Oprah stand for? A car for everyone? I'm being facetious, but you get the point.

If she runs against Trump the tax cutter, will she be Oprah the tax raiser? Don't know. Oprah the open borders humanitarian? Don't know. But her candidacy would have to develop very specific policies.

There's another problem with her running. It would encourage the view that politics has become a giant reality show. Entertaining, but there would be one big winner: The news media. The ratings for Trump versus Clinton were big. The ratings for Trump versus Oprah would be HUGE!