Open borders, amnesty are code words for cheap labor: Dobbs

A few thoughts tonight on what our president is doing on two issues, illegal immigration and border security.

Let's be very clear, I believe the president sincerely wants to do the right thing, trade DACA for end of chain migration and lottery visas, building the wall. But for all the world, today he surrounded himself in the White House with many of the very people who place their party above the interests of the nation who have fought for a decade for open borders and who have demanded amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

Senators David Perdue (R-Ga.) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) are among those who have long championed rational immigration policies and border security, but their views were in a small minority today.

And there is nothing rational about the proposals that Democrats Sens. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Dick Dubrin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) have championed since 2006, but alarmingly border crossings of illegal immigrants have returned to the same levels as in the presidency of Barack Obama. The costs of illegal immigration continue to rise more than $100 billion, more than the value of their contributions to the economy, each illegal immigrant is estimated to cost taxpayers $75,000 in services.

But the real issue now, is how did the Democrats' issue of DACA crowd to the head of the line while the interests of the president's base have been pushed into the shadows of the swamp?

What happened to the president's America first doctrine? What happened to hire American, buy American?

And then there's Davos. How in the world did our president end up on the tortured agenda of the global elitists who meet every year in the Swiss Mountains?

The chamber of commerce and business roundtable must be proud, but then they've spent $1.5 billion lobbying in the swamp to get the result they wanted on just two issues: open borders and of course amnesty. Just code words for cheap labor and Democratic voters.

And Mr. President Tom Donohue, the head of the chamber of commerce talked about tax reform, capital repatriation, 4% economic growth and 4% unemployment and record high markets without mentioning your name Mr. President. Whether it’s the left, or the GOP, the establishment will continue to beat you around the ears if you give them a chance and I fear you've just done that. A reminder, you ran against the status quo, the establishment and assured us your vision and leadership would make America great again.

No better a reminder of the importance of draining that damn swamp---your good friend, Gov. Jeb Bush today congratulated you on your DACA decision. Low energy, Mr. Establishment, the guy you reduced to tears on the campaign trail loves your new direction.