Ohio Pastor Says Trump Whole-Heartedly Embraced Ex-Gang Efforts on Chicago Violence

Pastor Darrell Scott, a pro-Trump pastor from Ohio, on Thursday said President Trump whole-heartedly embraced former gang thugs’ request to pro-actively address violence in Chicago.

Scott said a top former Chicago gang leader contacted him due to his proximity to President Trump.

“[Trump] gives us access and lends us his ear,” Scott told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney. “When we offer suggestions to him he’s able to process them very quickly and he’s always helpful—he’s never denied me anything that I’ve requested.”

Scott added that he appreciates Trump’s efforts to engage with the African American community.

“I’ve been trying to tell everybody, I’ve been a voice crying in the wilderness—he wants to engage and he wants to do something to alleviate whatever depressed or disenfranchised conditions that we experienced,” he said.