Ohio gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich reacts to projected election loss

Ohio gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich told FOX Business that he isn’t ready to call the Democratic primary race to the expected winner, Richard Cordray.

“I wouldn’t talk about this race in the past tense because the vote that came out is more of a party controlled vote,” Kucinich said during an interview with Neil Cavuto Tuesday night, his first comments following a Fox News projection that Cordray will win the nomination.

Kucinich said there are approximately 300,000 votes that remain to be counted and he’ll have a better idea of the outcome when several counties finalize their total voter tally.

“Those votes could be somewhat different in the mix,” he said. “As far as I am concerned, there’s still 300,00 votes out.”

Fox News projects Republican Mike DeWine will face the Democrat Cordray in the race to succeed term-limited GOP Gov. John Kasich.

Kucinich weighed in on the future of the Democratic Party, saying he envisions the party taking a “practical approach” to dealing with people’s genuine concerns.

“There’s not a left or right approach,” he said. “I think the American by and large are looking for new directions.”