Ohio AG rips Biden's LGBTQ+ requirements for school lunch funding: A 'perverse' version of 'The Hunger Games'

White House using hunger as a weapon in a policy dispute violates human decency, Dave Yost says

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost joined "Mornings with Maria," Thursday, slamming the Biden administration’s memorandum on schools meeting LGBTQ+ policy requirements to receive federal lunch funding, arguing it's a "perverse" version of "The Hunger Games."

DAVE YOST: It's not just public schools. It's the private, not-for-profit schools that participate in this program…as well as some daycare centers. I just can't get my mind around the idea that we're using hungry children as a human shield in a policy dispute between adults. This has never been the battlefield for policy. 

President Biden speaks about expanding access to health care and benefits for veterans affected by military environmental exposures at the Resource Connection of Tarrant County in Fort Worth, Texas, Tuesday, March 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost told FOX Business that Biden's LGBTQ+ requirements for school lunch funding is a 'perverse’ version of 'The Hunger Games.' (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky / AP Newsroom)

Imagine, for example, if the DeSantis administration a few years from now said, ‘Hey if you don't arm and train your teachers against an active shooter scenario, we're going to cut off funding for school lunches and school breakfast.’ There would be an outcry on the left that would stop everything else, and yet I hear nothing but crickets…the Biden administration has actually proposed this as a good idea. It feels like some kind of perverse new version of ‘Hunger Games.’