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Obama’s Trade Deal Likely, no Thanks to Dems


Neil’s Spiel: Republicans not the party of ‘No’ over trade deal

Former Best Buy CEO Brad Anderson, TeaParty365 Founder David Webb and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on President Obama getting support from Republicans for trade deal.

The president will get a trade deal, but no thanks to a certain party.

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You know the party. It’s the one that stops anything that makes good economic sense, and prevents the White House from making good on helping the American worker. It’s the one that would sooner stop by procedure anything that doesn't help its politics.

Of course you know that party.

Or do you?

Because I'm not talking about Republicans; I'm talking about Democrats. They're the ones blocking the president's trade deal, while the Republicans are working with the president to save it.

While you wouldn't know it following the mainstream press, it's Democrats pressing the president to not do this deal, and Republicans trying to assure him the votes so he can override them.

Republicans, like the president, see the value in dropping trade barriers between some of our biggest Asian trading partners, and others to follow -- if we get rid of sanctions and tariffs that hurt us all.

That's a common-sense business sell and a no-brainer for the American worker, but anything but for union-beholden Democrats who don't seem to care much about the American worker.

I only mention this to remind you of this:

Republicans aren't the party of “No” to everything, just “No” to the initiatives and spending that do nothing.

On this, they see common ground with a president with whom they'll happily work. I hope this wakes up all to the phoniness of a lot of Democrats, who these days are more a piece of work.

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