Obama FBI's handling of Trump dossier is 'scandal of the decade': Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton

A Washington D.C.-based firm paid an ex-British spy $168,000 for his work on the infamous and controversial Trump dossier.

The opposition group Fusion GPS said in a statement the money had been paid to former MI6 officer Christopher Steel to collect compromising information about Trump and that the Kremlin was engaged in an active effort to assist his presidential campaign.

In an interview with FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) are working to keep the American public in the dark regarding the Trump dossier controversy.

“[The FBI has] been telling us they can’t confirm or deny whether the dossier even exist or not or documents about the payments related to the dossier exist,” Fitton said.

Fitton is questioning why some members of Congress were able to review the documents pertaining to the dossier payments behind closed doors, and whether the Obama-era federal agencies used the information as a “political hit job” against then-candidate Trump.

“If the FBI under the tutelage of Barack Obama’s administration, his appointee were also doing this that is the scandal of the decade. That is the scandal of the last 50 years,” he said.