Obama-era inspector general 'threatened' over Clinton email server

A former inspector general has revealed how he was marginalized and even threatened when he raised the alarm about classified information that resided on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Former Intelligence Inspector General Charles McCullough, an Obama appointee, told Fox News’ Catherine Herridge that he received intense backlash from Clinton allies that started nearly a year before the 2016 presidential election.

“It was personal blowback. Personal blowback to me, to my family, to my office,” he said. “The State Department IG and myself maybe not in that order, I don’t know, but we would be the first two to be fired with her administration. That was definitely going to happen,” McCullough said.

Tom Dupree, who served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General under President George W. Bush, said he is not surprise to find out that the Clintons’ methods involved “strong arm tactics.”

“If you are going to come up and blow the whistle or try to report the truth that you can expect to pay a political price,” said during an interview with FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs.

In June of 2017, FBI Director James Comey testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee and exposed that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch urged him to classify the Hillary Clinton email probe as a "matter" and not an "investigation."

“The Justice Department really is the gold standard for independence and integrity and when you see Attorneys General engaging in these sort of political machinations I think frankly undercuts the faith of the American public in the impartial administration of justice,” Dupree said.

Dupree said the Obama-era Justice Department has served under a cloud that may have tainted the department, but should not blemish the overall good work it continues to do.

“I am hopeful that people on the Hill and elsewhere will really start lifting up the hood and looking under it to find what happen,” he said.