Obama administration used all its power to attack its opponents: Varney

Political scandal has taken a back seat recently to Harvey, Irma, tax cuts and stock market records.

Let’s reverse that. Because there's been a turn, a new development. It now appears that the Obama administration did indeed use the machinery of government and all its power, to attack and disrupt its political opponents.

Susan Rice, who was President Obama’s national security advisor, was spying on the incoming Trump administration. She used her position in the intelligence services, to reveal the names of people who visited Trump Tower. That’s not right. And as she was doing that, leaks appeared in the media, which started the Russia, Russia, Russia investigation. Look at all the disruption that caused... revenge of the losers?

At the time, President Trump told the world that the Obama team had been spying on him. That was dismissed out of hand, but he was right.

At the time, Devin Nunes, the House intelligence chair, told the world that Obama officials had been revealing names. He too was dismissed out of hand, and he too was right.

And let’s not forget the 2012 election where the IRS was used to intimidate President Obama’s political opponents.

They got away with it. And maybe Susan Rice will walk away from her spying activities too, just like she did with her deception over Benghazi. She knew it wasn't a video that caused it.

A disturbing picture is emerging here. The Obama administration used its power to secretly damage its opponents, and to undermine the incoming Trump team. They try to take the moral high ground… they are so pure.

In fact, they've dragged us down.

We are a constitutional republic. Not a Banana Republic.