O.J. Simpson advises Dems on debates, urges NFL teams to pay-up in rookie contract disputes

O.J. Simpson took to Twitter Tuesday to grandstand on two subjects – why Cowboys owner Jerry Jones needs to pay running back Ezekiel Elliot in the ongoing contract buyout and to wax sagely about the needs of Americans as they watch the next round of Democratic primary debates.

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Simpson says Elliot has “outperformed his rookie contract” and asserts that Dallas is a playoff- and even Superbowl-caliber team with the star running back. He urges the legendary team owner to settle the tawdry score and pay his player properly or Zeke should hold out because of the physical toll that awaits after their career.

The former running back for the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers attested to the talent of Elliot and Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon.

First-round talents Melvin Gordon, Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott, and Michael Thomas, who is the wide receiver of the New Orleans Saints, didn't report to training camp on time this year because of contract disputes.

Zeke is in Cabo now instead of training in Oxnard, California, with his teammates. The rookie running-back currently has a $7.9 million deal with Dallas and when his contract expires next year, he is due for a $9-million base salary. In the meantime, the Cowboys have signed Alfred Morris to strengthen their running back squad.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Friday that Gordon’s holdout "threatens to last into the season." Schefter said Gordon told his camp that if Chargers don't give him a new deal from his current $5.6 million in the final year of his rookie contract, that he will sit out and demand a trade.

Thomas’ deal is said to be at the end of negotiations. Yahoo's Charles Robinson reports that the Saints have offered between $18 and $19 million per year, but Thomas would like to be the first $20 million wide receiver.

As for the Democratic hopefuls, OJ says like many Americans he’s tired hearing idealistic plans for the environment among other hot topics sure to be on the bill for the debates.

“All of that sounds good, but how are you going to do it?” OJ asks, “Put your plan out there, let’s hear you guys debate the merits of that plan.”

He also expresses frustration for the polarized two-party political system in America. “I wish there were just Americans – I’m just sayin’.”

The disgraced former footballer and broadcaster popularly tweeted out before on the 25th anniversary of the slow-speed car chase regarding the murders of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her alleged lover Ron Goldman. “The Juice” or as he is known on twitter, @realOJ32, is a passionate golf-, football- and politics-enthusiast on the social media platform.