NYC mayor Bill de Blasio is playing voters for fools, GOP mayoral candidate says

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is under fire after jetting to the G-20 summit last week to join anti-capitalist protestors in Germany.

The mayor’s trip comes one day after a New York City police officer was assassinated in the Bronx.

NYC’s Republican mayoral candidate, Nicole Malliotakis, told FOX Business’ Melissa Francis that de Blasio is taking the city’s voters for granted.

“Not only is he [de Blasio] not doing his job managing the city where we are seeing this complete deterioration of quality of life, he is not even here with the city to mourn with our NYPD and fellow citizens,” she said. “I think what he is doing is he’s playing New York City voters for fools.”

Malliotakis said the mayor is failing to manage the city properly and has no regards for taxpayers.

“This mayor is failing to provide the basic city services that he was elected to do,” she added.

In three and half years in office, Malliotakis noted de Blasio has increased spending by 22% without seeing any results.

“We see homelessness on the rise increasing 40%. We see subway crisis now [at] 70,000 delays a month. He pumps hundreds of millions of dollars in bureaucracy in education. We are not seeing the money get to the classrooms as schools continue to fail,” she said.