Nurses Plan To 'Fight Like Hell' for Single-Payer Health Care

Bernie Sanders says the purpose of health care is not for drug and insurance companies to profit, but to provide quality cost-effective care to all. That is why nurses want him to be the Democratic presidential nominee and why they are pushing for a single-payer system.

“We are going to fight like hell,” said National Nurses United Co-President Jean Ross to the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

“We have found that if we campaigned across the country that it isn’t just us nurses who believe it’s the only system that’s going to work for people in this country, but at least the last figure I heard was 58% of people regardless of party delineation believe the same thing,” she said.

So what can Sanders do to get a single-payer system onto the Democratic platform? Ross says “good progressives like the nurse group” will be key.

“From our perspective nurses are excellent educators. We will keep talking for years and years about why it’s the best system – Medicare for all and beyond that we will be protesting and teaching other people that protesting is a very American thing and how they need to do it too,” she said.

And Ross means business when it comes to protesting.

“If you look at the things we have in this country that are near and dear to our hearts, the only thing that’s ever worked in this country and in others is to, as we say, take it to the streets,” she said.