NSA leaker Reality Winner in reality a loser: FBI's Gavin

Former FBI New York State Assistant Director Bill Gavin on Tuesday assessed the case of government contractor, Reality Leigh Winner, who was arrested last weekend for leaking classified National Security Agency information to media outlets.

“This young lady Reality Winner is probably going to in reality be a loser… The country, the White House, the Justice Department are all looking to convict somebody who leaked classified information and this young lady is in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto.

Gavin believes that the NSA needs a more tedious vetting process when hiring new employees.

“I think probably the intelligence agencies need to vet probably a little bit better or tighter than they are doing right now. I’m sure they are trying to do their best but occasionally these things slip through the cracks and this is the worst time in the world for her [Winner] to do that,” he said.